About the olive oil – in english

The olive oil available for sale here is produced by Palestinian farmers in the West bank, mainly in the areas around Tulkarem, Qalqilya and Salfeet. The export of olive oil has been essential for the livelihood of the Palestinian community since other methods of making a living had been destroyed by the Israeli occupying forces. In just three years the Palestinian economy has been reduced by half, completely wiping out nearly two decades of economic progress. There are few places in the world so drastically affected. In the wake of the increased oppression and the systematic destruction of the economy, the region has seen an increase in fundamentalist forces and the deterioration of women’s standing in the community. Pressured by high unemployment and a patriarchal oppression, women are forced back onto the home and their organizations are met with opposition.

The conflict between Palestinians and the Israeli government is a fight between an economically and militarily superior state and a people desperately fighting for their rights, their survival, and their land. The export of olive oil is an opportunity for Palestinians to hold onto a part of their independence they have earned and continue to struggle to keep.

Through the import and sale of oil—and through its purchase internationally—we show, through practical actions, that the Palestinian people aren’t alone in this struggle.

A few times a year, we import oil directly from Palestine. It comes in 75cl glass bottles. If you wish to purchase less than five bottles of oil, we ask you to visit the stores that purchase oil from us. If you wish to purchase larger quantities, click on Beställ/Buy in the menu to the left.

For more information about the oil, click on ”Mer om olivoljan/More about olive oil” to the left, where we have collected articles and other texts about Palestine and olive oil.